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What makes us unique at Trott Rentals?

You may have met the team here at Trott Rentals, but how well do you truly know our history and how we became what and who we are today?

Our history is why we are unique, and although throughout the years it has made some changes, two things that remain the same are that Trott Rentals is still an independent, family business in Norfolk who will always put their customers first.

For over 50 years we have provided van and truck hire rentals to Norfolk and beyond. Offering affordable, flexible and trusted services for all. Starting in 1967 by Colin Trott, who was originally a carpenter before venturing into the vehicle rental world. First creating a business called C A Trott Builders, which offered general building services and new build construction work in and around Norwich. This business successfully grew into the new name of C.A.Trott (plant hire) LTD. Extending the building business into plant hire.

Years later, the second Trott family member joins the business. Colin’s son, Peter and the name Trott Rentals was born. Progressively moving into vehicle rentals and commercial hires, the third Trott family member joined the business, Chris Trott, son of Peter Trott. Chris began working part-time, while also balancing a successful career in motorsport.

In 2009, Chris began working full time where he still works and manages Trott Rentals today.

With time, care and commitment, we have successfully grown Trott Rentals to what it is today. Our aim is simple, to continuously support our customers with their bookings, queries and concerns.

We firmly believe in going above and beyond for every one of our customers. Our team is on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

Our service goes above customer queries, we truly care that your journey with our van rentals is a smooth one. Which is why we offer a pickup service anywhere in the UK if anything was to go wrong with our vans.

Of course, we never want anything to go wrong with our van hires. Which is why we invest in each one of our vehicles, ensuring they are each of the absolute highest specs and with our onsite van servicing we can make sure they are always kept in the best running condition.

Norwich is a great place to live and has a strong sense of community that’s filled with independent businesses. We are proud to still stand strong as one of those independent businesses and will continue to always put our customers first. Giving each one the service and commitment that everyone should receive from any business.

So, now that you know more about our family business, our history and what makes us unique, make sure to check out our flexible vehicle hire and book your next van hire with us here at Trott Rentals.

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