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Unusual Reasons People are Moving House

Most people move house at least once in their lives and there are many reasons someone may want to do so. Conventional reasons for moving house may include moving for work or needing extra bedrooms for starting a family. However, not all reasons for people wanting to move property are so straightforward, a poll answered by 2,000 adults showed some obscure reasoning behind people’s decisions to sell up and move out, which are more common than you may think. 

Haunted Houses

Not all haunted houses are the typical large, historic buildings you see on television. Haunted places can range from an abandoned shed to a new build. Depending on whether the area they are built upon has a traumatic history, if you believe in such things. Hauntings can be scary for those who experience them and can result in making you feel uncomfortable in your own home. There are many theories on ways you can ward off an unwelcome presence, including burning dried sage leaves or even choosing to ignore them in the hopes that they get bored. But for some, none of these options do the trick and moving out is the only option. Hopefully the new house is free of any unwanted visitors…   

Pet’s Emotions

A pet is a valued member of the family, and their opinion matters…right? Although it is physically impossible to know what a cat or dog is saying when they speak, some homeowners have noticed behaviours that suggest that their pet doesn’t approve of the property they live in. Unusual behaviour like urinating in places they shouldn’t and trembling/hiding can be signs that cats and dogs are anxious and not comfortable within their surroundings. For some, this is certainly enough of a reason to pack up and move to a quieter area in hopes that this will help their pet feel more at home. 

TV Glare 

The TV is often the centerpiece of the room, and as we tend to spend most of our time at home relaxing in the lounge it is crucial to get the positioning of the television correct. Depending on the layout of the room there may be a stand out option to where the television should be placed. In some cases this may unfortunately be the place that reflects external lights back into the picture, giving it an annoying glare. A simple fix would be to change the layout of the room so that the tv is placed away from any direct light, or perhaps just close the curtains. However some people who have had their heart set on the perfect lounge layout have confessed that the glare was just too much, and they would rather move home altogether than change the setup of the room they have always envisioned. 

To be Closer to Family

After these unorthodox reasons for moving home, we thought it would be fitting to include one that resonates closer to home. After a long year of not seeing family and friends a lot of people have realised the importance of being close to the ones you love. With travel bans present during lockdown it was impossible for some to see their family, so they have decided that moving closer to them is worth it, to make up for all that lost time.

With social distancing measures still in place you may feel uncomfortable inviting people into your home. Hiring a vehicle for your use only is a great solution. Here at Trott Rentals we provide you with the vehicle and the rest is up to you, so you won’t have to worry about social distancing. We have a range of vans and trucks that are perfect for moving home, whether it be because you want to move closer to family, or because you believe your house is haunted! For more information about our vehicles and trusted services get in touch with us on 01603 426487 or book online today. 

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