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Short Term Van Hire: How Can It Help You?

Whether you’ve renovated your home over the last few months, spotted something new you’d like to purchase, or changed your business to fit the new normal and need a van to help. Whatever your reason, here at Trott Rentals we offer many van sizes to fit all requirements and needs.

Home improvements and renovations

The current situation has had most of us stuck at home wondering what we can do to fill the spare time. For many, that time has been spent on tasks and to do lists that normally would have been put aside for months, and possibly even years on end, due to other commitments. Therefore, it’s been the perfect opportunity to finally embark on completing what would have otherwise been ignored or left untouched.

So, you’ve cleared out and kept what you needed to, but now what to do with everything that you want to get rid of?

Or, you find yourself looking to fill that new space you’ve cleared, but are unsure how-to pick-up furniture when you know it won’t fit in your car?

Our van rentals in Norwich are perfect for all of these small problems, the ideal solution. With private van hire starting from just £25 a day, you can run any household waste, building materials and furniture packaging to the tip for a fraction of the average skip hire price (£150). That’s a huge saving, and in times like this, we’re sure it’s a thankful saving in most households.

At Trott Rentals, we don’t just cater for big house moves, we can work with you to help in various areas and to find the best van hire solution for this. With numerous van sizes available; from small, extra-large, Luton’s & even 7.5 Ton Trucks we will have exactly what you need.

Business use

Adapting businesses to comply with government guidelines has become an inevitable stepping stone over recent months. However, not all business will be in a situation where change can be made or affordable all in one go. If you find yourself needing a van for your business but don’t want to commit to purchasing a van which, you may no longer need after a few months, then our private van hire or corporate hire is a great choice for you.

With no stresses over keeping up with maintenance and MOT’s, you can simply hire the vehicle whenever it is needed and trust that our vans are always kept in the best condition, be sure that your business is always leaving a lasting impression.

Family days out

Yes, we can even cater to a family day out. With everything that has happened over the last few months, we’re sure that you’re eager to spend as much time outdoors with your loved ones as you can. If you’re into adventure but don’t quite have the car to fit the family and the gear in, then opt for our van hire in Norwich. Available from just £25 a day, our convenient and simple pick up and drop off will stop you missing out on your fun.


Of course, we’re always here for those testing moves. Whether you need us for a day, or a week, we will work with you to get the right van for your move when you need it.

Our vans are available in small to extra-large, including Luton vans, so whatever your requirement, we will find the solution.

Wanting to book your van hire?

Our office is still open, if you have any questions regarding van hire, please give us a call on 01603 426487 or email and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can book online via our booking system which can be found on our van hire page.

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