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Reduced stamp duty terms and what they mean for you

Never has there been a better time to find a new home, with the announcement from Rishi Sunak scrapping stamp duty costs until 2021, thousands of pounds can be saved when approaching the big move. For many, a house move is a daunting task that can add up to extreme amounts of money, of which most can take years to save. This new change in our economy can help many finally take the leap towards finding their new home.  

With stamp duty costs in place, along with solicitor fees and local searches, it is not surprising that when it comes to your move, you’ll likely be looking for the most cost-effective way to do so. However, with such a big saving on your new move, it’s a great time to stretch that budget a little further and look into ways of moving that will be convenient to you, assisting you to ease into your new home whilst still staying within budget. 

So, what can you look into including for your move?

Tipper Rental

Out with the old, in with the new. Tip hire is not always a home mover’s first choice, however, when moving into your new place clearing out your home and getting rid of any unwanted or unnecessary items is a great place to start. As time will already be quite precious, save this and hire a tip instead of wasting time on multiple tip runs. 


Whilst organisation is not a costly outgoing, lack of organisation can be time consuming  and is often overlooked. Invest in a few stationary items that you may have forgotten about. There is nothing worse than spending hours or days packing and moving, only to start your new journey in an unorganised mess when you’re starting to unpack. Look into purchasing labels and writing on each box or possibly certain items which room they would need to go in, it will save you time and stress when it comes to unpacking. 

Self-hire vans

Most of us long for a removal team to magically wrap everything up and transfer this to our new home, carefully placing all of our items into the exact places we would like them. This however, can be a costly service and although you may have some cash to spare, there are other ways of getting your items from A to B that are more cost effective. 

A self-hire rental van can be a great way to assist you with your move, working by your schedule, simply pick up the keys and drop off when you need to. You’ll be able to load and unpack within your own time frame and you will be the ones driving the van, meaning there’s no need to worry about who’s handling your most loved belongings. Hiring a van puts the control in your hands. There are many vans for hire in Norfolk and researching companies is a very important step, you need to know that your chosen company is reputable, trusting and reliable, and, like us make sure that the process is as easy and stress free as it can be for you, which is always our aim. 

Whatever you chose to go with, remember to enjoy your move and your new home as a chance like this may never come up again. Researching your chosen suppliers and ensuring that everything is still remaining within budget is a key point to a successful, stress-free move. 

If you require a van hire to help assist you with your move, please contact our office today on 01603 426286 and our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your requirements. Alternatively, you can book your vehicle hire on our website here

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