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5 things to consider when hiring a van

As we wind down 2022, and with the new year on the way, it might be time to start putting plans in place for those errands that you’ve been putting off!

If you’re having a clear out, moving house or picking up something large that requires a van, choosing to hire your own is a cost effective solution that allows you independence and ultimate flexibility to work around your schedule. If you’re not a regular hirer, then it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Here are our top tips on hiring a van for all occasions:

1. Do your research

First and foremost, you’ll want to research the right van hire company for you, ensuring that they are reliable, trustworthy and have great reviews. There are unfortunately companies out there who prioritise money over customer satisfaction. If you are offered any sort of damage waiver or excess protection, make sure that you fully understand the product so there are no nasty surprises on return.

Secondly, you’ll need to do some research into the type of van you need. You don’t want to hire a van that is too small for the job or equally, one that is too big. You’ll need to consider where you will be taking it. Are the roads easily accessible? Will you be driving it though right lanes and busy roads? Do you need a vehicle with a drop side, tail lift, or tipper? If you have an item or object/s in particular that you wish to relocate, then make sure you take measurements ahead of your hire. This will save issues at the hire depot, and means you can get on with the task at hand with no delay or fuss.

Thirdly, when researching the company, look into the vans they offer, are they in a good condition? If you’re paying for a van rental, make sure you’re getting a good quality van for the job that won’t let you down. Not only do you want to remain safe on your journey, you don’t want to be breaking down, especially in the winter! 

2. Choose a confident driver 

For some people, driving a large van is not an everyday occurrence, so make sure you feel prepared and confident to get behind the wheel. 

If you’re hiring a Luton Van for example, these are especially large in size and can feel very different to driving a normal car, especially if the weather is particularly windy. It’s also worth considering that the driving experience will differ depending on whether it has a full load or not, so just bear that in mind and take it easy.

Secondly, double check your rental companies policy on age. There is often an age requirement when hiring a larger van, so it is a good thing to know before you commit to anything to save any frustrations. 

3. Look into the terms and conditions

Unlike our company, there are some that don’t make their terms and conditions easily readable. We are very upfront with any additional costs and won’t keep you in the dark, ensuring that everything is clear before you hire. Important questions you should be asking your hire provider:

  • Is insurance included in your rental cost?
  • Is there a late return policy? 
  • Is there breakdown cover?
  • What are the fuel conditions, for example, does the fuel have to come back full?
  • Should the vehicle experience damage, what is the procedure?

4. Make sure you, yourself, check the vehicle before you drive off

It’s so important to carry out a full boot-to-boot walk around your vehicle before you leave, and make sure you point out anything that concerns you about the condition. It’s a good idea to insist that someone from the company does the checks with you.

This will give both you and the agent peace of mind that the vehicle went out in good condition, and leaves no discrepancies when it comes to responsibility of any damages caused on hire. Make sure you inspect all the tyres, the dashboard and windscreen as well as the vehicle’s interior and upholstery.

5. Make sure the agent talks you through your vehicle

Following on from the point mentioned above, get your hire company to talk you through your vehicle. Even if you’ve driven vans and other vehicles before, they can be very different to drive and you’ll want to feel confident knowing how to work everything before you leave. If you’re hiring a luton van, ask your chosen company to show you how to work the tail lift so you’re all clued up.

Choose Trott

We will always go through our vans with you and as most of our vans offer new technology and equipment, we want you to be as comfortable as possible before you leave us.Here at Trott Rentals, we pride ourselves on our customer service, putting this first in front of anything else, along with offering competitive prices and ensuring that all of our vans are kept in the best condition possible. If you’re looking for van hire in Norwich, contact us today, or book your chosen van hire online today.

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