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7.5 Ton Flatbed/Tipper for hire

A versatile vehicle, to carry large and/or heavy goods

Corporate rental from £32 per day
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Seats 3
Max Payload 3000kg
Loadspace Cu.M
Tail Lift No
Dimensions (Int/mm) Length: 3700mm Width: 1900mm
Dimensions (Ext/mm) Length: 5900mm Width: 2600mm Height: 2400mm

*All measurements are approximate

For more information on this vehicle, please call us on 01603 426487

Corporate Rental

Daily (24hrs) £64
3-6 Days (per day) £48
7 Days + (per day) £42
30 Days (per day) £32

Note: Prices exclude VAT and insurance for commercial hire vehicles. Includes unlimited mileage.

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