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Moving home? How to adjust during unprecedented times.

During such uncertain times, moving home can seem like the last thing you want to do. For many, the moving of items, the time required and the possible delays from third parties, all accumulate and as a result that it may seem more difficult than once planned. 

One way to help you with your move is by hiring a self-hire van; missing out the middleman and becoming your own driver. We’re here to ensure that your lockdown house move runs as smoothly as possible.

Little contact 

Hiring a man with a van or a removal company can usually be a good option if you’re looking for that extra help, often saving you time on loading and unloading, however, at this current moment, it may not be something you’re looking for. When you hire one of our vans you can firstly have peace of mind that each one of our vans goes through an intensive clean before handing the keys over and secondly, you’ll have complete control over who’s touching and handling your belongings, providing you with peace of mind for a safe move. 

Your own time 

With so many things unknown right now, you don’t want to be caught up in a schedule. Delays are unfortunately unavoidable at this time, so being as flexible as possible is a must. Our van hire offers you this flexibility, leaving you to think about other things. With a self-hire van rental, you’re not on anyone’s schedule but your own, so take it easy and enjoy it as much as you can. 

Save money 

Why spend money on a whole team when you can save money with just the van? Self-hire vans are surprisingly affordable and with so many vans on offer, you pick and choose the right van for you. Why not visit our van hire page and see what we have available? We also have a simple online booking system to complete your booking. 

Keep control 

Although the extra help can be nice when hiring a removal company, nobody knows your system and your belongings quite like you, nor do they know how valuable certain possessions are to you. By opting for a self-hire van, you can pack and unload how you want to, placing boxes in the rooms that you want and creating your own system, at your own pace. It also gives you the opportunity to pick up extra storage items on the way or any additional packing items. It’s your choice and your way and whilst family or friends outside your bubble won’t be able to assist you, ensuring that you’re organised and ahead of time will help you with this move. 

This year has been a whirlwind for all of us, but we have adapted and moved with each turn. Don’t let the year or current situations take away your home move, create a new path for yourself and look into other ways. We are still operating as normal to ensure this can happen for each of our customers. With safety measures in place when collecting your keys and spending extra time on deep cleaning our vans after each use, we aim to take the stress from you in what is such an uncertain time. 

If you would like to hire a van in Norwich, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff, or simply book your van rental online

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