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How Does Long-Term Commercial Vehicle Hire Work?

For businesses in the logistics industry or reliant on transportation, having a reliable fleet of vehicles is essential. Long-term commercial vehicle hire is a great strategic solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations without the burden of ownership. 

If you’re on the fence about whether you should hire or purchase your fleet, then we might be able to help you make that decision.

What is contract vehicle hire?

Contract vehicle hire is when you rent a commercial vehicle, like a van, for an extended period of time. It’s useful for businesses and individuals who need a vehicle for regular transportation or long projects. With long term hire, you get the convenience of having a dedicated vehicle without the responsibilities and costs of owning one.

Why should I hire vehicles for my business?

A van or truck is an instant asset to any business due to its load-carrying capabilities. With a commercial vehicle, equipment, materials, tools and supplies can be loaded into the vehicle and safely transported wherever they need to go. Hiring your commercial vehicle on a long-term lease gives you that additional peace of mind that you’ll always be ready to get to work.

Hiring vehicles is cost-effective

Hiring your vehicle or fleet is incredibly cost-effective, with long-term rates benefitting you and your business. While some may think buying is more budget-friendly in the long run, they often overlook vehicle depreciation.

Depreciation will inevitably cost you money, as over time, your vehicle’s value decreases, sometimes even dropping as much as 60% of the original value after three years. By renting, you can simply return your van or truck for a new one, saving yourself the trouble of selling your older vehicle for significantly less than you bought it for. 

Service and maintenance included

With a hired vehicle, service and maintenance costs are often included in the rental rate. At Trott Rentals, we cover all servicing and repair costs, excluding any damage caused by the renter. Owning a vehicle means taking on the maintenance yourself, costing you money to keep your fleet in top condition.

Commute to and from work

Not only does a van or truck give you the ability to transport your equipment or tools, but it also gives you a mode of transport to and from work itself. A long-term commercial hire vehicle can stand in place of your car when it comes to your commute, saving you from having to own or rent two vehicles. 

Room for business expansion

Hiring your vehicles means a wide variety of models are at your fingertips. You can choose your vehicle based on your requirements and know that in a few years, if those needs change, you can return your hire and choose a different one. Whether your organisation grows or the structure changes, you can simply swap one vehicle or your entire fleet easily. 

Changing a vehicle that you own is a lot trickier and a much longer process, which is why long-term hire is preferable for most business owners. 

What sectors hire vehicles long-term?

Many businesses benefit from hiring vehicles on a long-term basis, here’s a few industries that it works well for.


Transport companies and couriers rely on a range of vehicles to safely transport goods across the country. Many delivery companies will often lease their vehicles due to the benefit of having all the maintenance included in the rental rate and the ability to trade their vehicles for newer models.

Construction companies

Vehicles are used for a whole manner of jobs in the construction industry, from transporting materials to transferring employees to and from construction sites. Construction companies can hire vehicles if and when they need them, be that for a month-long job or a project that lasts years.

Entertainment industry

Travelling performance companies, production groups and film crews all benefit from long-hire vehicles. Whether it’s a group of entertainers on a four-month tour or a film crew needing to transport their equipment from one set to the next, vans are a must-have.

Freelancers and independent businesses

Long-term van hire is popular with freelancers and independent businesses like media teams and decorators. Used for bringing along equipment, transporting materials or anything else they may need, having a van on-hand is a useful addition to a small business.

Contract vehicle hire at Trott Rentals

Long-term commercial vehicle hire is beneficial for a great deal of businesses and individuals. Between their cost-effectiveness and practicality, a leased vehicle will make running a company easier, no matter the size. At Trott Rentals, we have a wide range of models to suit your requirements and an expert team of experienced staff ready to assist. 

Do you think long-term vehicle hire could be beneficial to your business? Give us a call on 01603 426487 to learn more or enquire today through our online form. 

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