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Event Vehicle Hire

Every detail counts when planning an event, including transportation and logistics. Whether it’s a corporate function , festival, sports event or a wedding, vehicle hire plays an important part in the event’s success, helping everything run smoothly.

In this guide, we explore the types of events that benefit from vehicle hire and tips to choosing the right vehicle. 

Events that benefit from vehicle hire

Festivals and Concerts

Behind every festival and concert, there is a fleet of vehicles and a huge crew responsible for ensuring the set, materials and equipment are all transported efficiently. From sound systems to stage props and event banners, reliable vehicle hire ensures everything arrives on-time and safely. Bands and musicians often require larger vehicles to transport their instruments and equipment. 

Corporate Events

Corporate events, such as trade shows and conferences, may require marketing materials, product samples and display setups that need to be transported to the venue. This process involves careful coordination to make sure the event runs smoothly. 


We’re not saying you should arrive in a van on your wedding day, but there may be equipment and props that need to be transported to the venue. Sound systems, lighting fixtures, decor and flower arrangements are all essential elements that contribute to the wedding day. Reliable vehicle hire ensures all these supplies arrive at the venue intact and on schedule, alleviating stress on the wedding planners and couple. 

Sports Events

From fun runs to marathons, sports events can require a lot of supplies, including signs and banners, water stations and medical equipment that need to be transported to the location. 

At Trott Rentals, we are proud to maintain an excellent partnership with Good Running Events, providing them with a Luton van annually to transport all signs and banners for the Sandringham Run. Aaron Murrell, Director of Good Running Events, states: “The support from Trott Rentals is crucial to the event delivery and success of our event series. Being based just outside of Norwich, we love to work with Norwich and Norfolk based businesses – and Trott Rentals is a real gem that fits into that category. Chris and the team are a pleasure to work with.”

Choosing the right vehicle 

When hiring vehicles for your event, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Capacity: Assess how much you need to transport to determine the size and type of the vehicle.

Type of cargo: Consider the nature of the items. Are they fragile or bulky? For bulky items, a Luton van or 7.5 ton box/curtain with tail lift would be ideal. For fragile items, a small or medium van may be more suitable.

Duration: How long do you need to hire a vehicle for? This can vary depending on the type and scale of the event, but opting for a rental company that offers flexible booking options can help accommodate your needs.  

Accessibility: It’s important to ensure that there are no restrictions, especially height restrictions, at the location so that the vehicle can gain access with ease. 

Hire a vehicle for your event with Trott Rentals

At Trott Rentals, we understand the importance of reliable vehicle hire for your event. Whether you need a fleet of vans or a single luton van, we can accommodate your needs. With our transparent pricing, flexible booking options, and exceptional customer service, we strive to make your event transportation experience seamless and stress-free. Book online using our easy-to-use booking system or give us a call on 01603 426487. 

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