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Eco-driving tips to help save fuel

Fuel prices are currently at a record high, for both petrol and diesel and it has been said that they will only continue to rise. Now more than ever it is important to drive economically and efficiently so that you find yourself visiting the petrol station less often! Take a look at some of the ways we suggest to help reduce your fuel consumption and in turn your fuel costs. 

Making Sure Your Car is in Top Condition

A vehicle that isn’t well maintained can use more fuel than a vehicle that is well looked after. The RAC recommends you service your vehicle every 12 months or 12,000 miles. Problems that arise due to age, such as brakes wearing out and balding tyres can all contribute to a higher fuel consumption and, although you may not see your fuel going down quickly, these issues are making a big difference to how long your fuel lasts.

We would also advise that you make sure your tyres are set to the correct pressure. If your tyres are too flat this can greatly increase the amount of petrol or diesel you burn. If you are not sure what your tyre pressure should be, most cars have a sticker in their driver’s door that will let you know the correct pressure, if not check your car’s manual or if you have neither of these look online there is sure to be an answer on there. 

Eco Driving 

One of the things that will eat your fuel, something you wouldn’t necessarily be aware of, is breaking too fast. Sometimes braking fast is necessary, i.e. an emergency stop. But, if you can think ahead, slow down using your gears and/or with light braking you are likely to use less fuel than you would when you brake too quickly. 

Even better, use the eco mode on your car! Not all cars will have this feature as it has been introduced on more modern cars. This mode slows down the speed of acceleration which can save on fuel usage. 

If your car doesn’t have this feature then you can still drive more economically by being a little lighter with your right foot! When accelerating, do so smoothly and you will begin to notice your fuel last a little longer. Speaking of keeping it light, it won’t make as much of a difference but clear your car of unnecessary clutter, the lighter your car the less fuel you will use. 

Reduce your Air-con usage

Although we know it’s nice to have a constant flow of warm or cool air, depending on the weather, but using your air-con means using more fuel. Because the aircon uses the power from the engine, your engine is working harder and therefore increases your fuel consumption. So we would advise you to only use your air-con where necessary.
These are only a few of many tips you can integrate into your driving to save fuel.

When hiring with Trott Rentals our vans are always fully maintained so that when they are out on the road they are driving as economically as possible, meaning we are using as little fuel as we can. If you would like to hire a vehicle from us please give us a call on 01603 426487 and a member of our team will be happy to go through the options we have available for you.

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